Strapless Swimsuit

Have you ever put on a cute top and think “Oh no! It shows my tan lines!”  If you’re tired of sporting obvious tan lines around your neck, it sounds like you need a strapless suit for the next time you lay out in the sun.  We’re all familiar with this look – the white lines around the neck – and most of us are pretty tired of it.  No matter how much sunscreen you put on, or how many times you try to undo the neck tie to try to tan without risking indecent exposure, those lines just show up anyway.  Even though you’re trying, it’s just not going to happen.  Happily, there are strapless swimwear styles that offer an alternative to triangle tops, halter tops, racer-backs and any other top with neck ties.

Strapless swimsuits are, of course, any piece of swimwear that doesn’t include neck ties.  Bandeaus are the most popular version of the strapless style.  French for the banded look of fabric wrapped around the bust, the bandeau is a bikini top that allows sun to tan evenly across the neck, chest and shoulders.  Certainly, the strapless look is available in one-piece styles as well.  Since there’s no support offered for lack of a neck tie, the strapless look is best suited for women with smaller chests that require less support.  This style is also great if you’re looking to enhance the look of your bust while out at the beach as the design really helps to give your bust a boost.  Patterned styles are even better.  Whether you decide to go with the bikini version or one-piece style, when it comes to avoiding tan lines, the strapless is undoubtedly the best and possibly only way to go.