Halter Top Bikini

The halter top bikini is one of those bikini top styles that everyone has to have.  It’s an essential to have in any woman’s swimwear assortment.  The word “halter” comes from the German word for “holder” (as in a bra) and refers to the look of any sleeveless clothing style that has one strap that goes around the neck.  The clothing style is hugely popular and looks great on any woman of any size.  It’s just downright flattering.  Happily, the style is available in a bikini version as well so you can take your style to the pool or beach.

Compared to the triangle top, the halter top offers more fabric and thus more coverage and support.  As a result, this style is great for both busty and smaller chested women alike.  Like the triangle top, it has ties that go around the neck and back, but unlike the triangle top, the halter does not have sliding cups that adjust to the ideal fit and generally has a wider band under the bust and wider neck tie as well.  Though other variations do exist, this happens to be the most common style seen in bikinis.  Some halters do have push-up padding, so women with smaller chests can accentuate their cleavage and add an extra oomph to their suit.  Women who like to be active while at the beach are especially fond of this style for its ability to lend more support than a triangle top would.  If you’re going to be running after the frisbee, surfing or playing beach volleyball, this is the top that you want to wear before heading out.  If you’ve never tried the halter top, you should give it a try.  It really is a great style to wear, is extremely functional and can be worn for any beach or pool time activity.