Bandeau Tops

It may surprise you to know that bandeau tops have actually been around for centuries.  Indeed, ancient Egyptians wore them, as did ancient Romans and, centuries later, we’re still wearing them.  The bandeau, French for the look of banded fabric wrapped around the torso, is usually a strapless top.  There are dozens of different modern design details in bandeau tops such as empire waists, sweetheart necklines, neck straps, convertible halter straps, single shoulder straps, a wide variety of embellishments and trims, etc.  It used to be that women with larger chests weren’t able to wear this style with ease for the lack of support it offered, but now with extra details like halter straps, the style has become much more accessible regardless of body type.  The bandeau style is available as an option for women’s clothing such as a tube top, or as swimwear as a bandeau top bikini.  It has evolved into so many looks that there really is no reason for anyone not to give this style a try.  For anyone who’s looking to avoid unsightly tan lines, the original bandeau, the strapless version, is ideal and is available in both swimwear styles and ready to wear styles.