Bandeau Tankini

The bandeau tankini is a great option for someone looking to avoid tan lines but doesn’t want to wear a bikini.  Somewhere in between a bikini and a one-piece, the tankini is a two-piece bathing suit that has the same cut of bikini bottom as any other bikini, but the top does not expose the torso and looks much like a tank top.  For women who are shy about showing their bellies but don’t want to wear a full one-piece, this midriff-covering top is a great alternative to wearing either one.  Most tankinis have shoulder straps or are halter styles but bandeau versions are also available.  The bandeau tankini, since it is a strapless style, is perfect for getting rid of or avoiding tan lines.  The style looks virtually identical to a tube top but with the ability to be wore in the pool or at the beach.  The bandeau style looks best on women with relatively small cup sizes.  Since this is a strapless style, women with larger chests will find that the top lacks support and will need frequent tugging to stay up.  However, there are convertible bandeaus that come with a strap for you to hook into the top and thus create additional support in the top.  With these styles, it’s like having two suits in one.  Just take care to remove the strap if you prefer to avoid getting any tan lines.  If you’ve been looking for a strapless two-piece that offers much more coverage, the bandeau tankini is the solution you’ve been looking for.