Bandeau Bikini Tops

The bandeau bikini top is so simple in its design but so stylish as well.  Since the invention of the bikini in 1946, this two-piece swimwear has gone through many changes and alterations with some fads going away and other trends staying for good.  The bandeau top, or strapless top, is one of those timeless styles that will always be available.  The bandeau, which is French for the banded look of fabric wrapped around the chest, is actually a style of top that originated centuries ago.  Ancient Egyptians worn them as did women of ancient Rome.  So from that perspective, having been around for ages, the bandeau really is a classic style!

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If you’re planning to wear a strapless dress to a wedding, fundraiser or some other fancy event, having tan lines from your halter top or triangle top from your day in the sun is rather unsightly.  So, when it comes to bikini tops, wearing the bandeau is the perfect way to avoid those tan lines.  Since there are no neck ties, there’s nothing blocking the rays of the sun from creating a perfectly even tan across your decolletage.  While it has its advantages, the bandeau is not without its downsides either.  The neck ties are essential in providing support to the bust and without them, gravity takes over.  For women with larger chests, not having the support of a neck tie is not an option.  There’s just no way that any bust looks good just hanging about and it’s for this reason that the bandeau style is generally better suited for women with smaller chests. So if you happen to have a smaller cup size that you’d like to enhance while at the beach or pool, the bandeau is the ideal style for you.  And if you can get one in a fun print, even better – patterns help enhance the the bust even more.

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